Exhibit with DF Art Project

Paris Floral Park

from October 3rd to October 12th 2020

Paris Floral Park – Pavilion 18

Since June 2019, strengthened by a year of experience founded on the recruitment of artists across the world and their promotion on df-artproject.com, as well as its other information and communication sources, the DF ART PROJECT has decided to present a collective exhibition for the first time ever in Pavilion 18, an exhibition space of 360 square meters.

The objective of this event is to show the general public, the media, collectors and art fans the sheer diversity of its living visual artists who express themselves in a singular way while sharing a common vision of their art

Figurative Destructuralism defends a view of society where the genuine possibilities of emancipation of mankind as well as the autonomy of imagination are redefined. This conceptualisation of artistic practice is based around the fragmentation of the figure and of reality, placing them in perspective, distorting them through a dynamic transformation which brings together painting, sculpture, photography, drawing, collage, digital art, performance and installation.

Created in 1969, le Parc Floral, is an official Botanical Garden of the City of Paris. It contains 35 hectares of gardens famed across the world for their environmental and natural beauty. Genuine oasis of greenery within the French capital, the park enchants a million visitors every year. Guided tours, exhibitions and festivals add rhythm to its life all year round.


You are an artist and you would like to participate in a launching exhibition of DF ART PROJECT collective,

The call for the artist is open for all artists whose works correspond to the artistic line of Figurative Destructuralism :

  • Artist members or adherents of the DF collective.

  • Non - artist members of DF collective.

Registration deadline:15th August 2020.

A selection committee will meet at the end of August 2020 to select the artists and their works.


You can :


  • Register online by filling the form below, attach a completed and signed registration form + agreement, and confirm it by clicking on "Submit" button under the form. 

Online Registration

Complete and attach your documents

Maximum file size : 2MB/image and 60MB/video

Artistic approach
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Signed registration form
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Artwork 5
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After clicking on the "send" tab below, please wait until the color of the download tab turns black, this means that the download is complete.

Artwork description

For each proposed work, please mention in the box below the: title, dimensions, technique, year and price. (Select at least 3 works.)

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