Jean-Jacques Piezanowski - Removing figures from reality

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

By Caroline Canault

The contemporality of Jean-Jacques Piezanowski’s portraits instantly catches the eye. Through the mingling of strata, through the juxtaposition of material and through their tonality we discover the originality of his approach.

The colored surface and relationship between tones create figures partially divorced from reality. They are transformed, when viewed under certain angles, due to the elegant touches of abstraction. Born from this confusion of surfaces and topography, the portrait takes shape, reaching further back and well beyond the figurative: Jean-Jacques Piezanowski is an artist of figurative destructuralism.

Mets tes lunettes, 2020

“I plumb the depths of the human soul and the mark of the passing of time in the treatment of my portraits.”

This artist knows how to capture the magnetism of a state of mind. He seizes a presence and turns it into an evanescent identity. Beneath a subtle, white halo, a certain distance is etched out between the painter and his model, and at the same time, this distance delivers a new truth. Eyes are half-open, images are erased or generally reworked, tending towards darker tints, hinting at a space for questioning.

We make out hidden feelings, pain, joy, exaltation… Forces at work free us from form, tension, and balance – a truly inspiring emotional pull is revealed.

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